Ise katagami: Handicraft Carving Exhibition

In Echizen, we are experimentally making washi for stencils for dyeing, such as Edo komon. Therefore, we will hold the exhibition of Ise katagami.

Extended from 6/8 to 8/24

April 1 - August 24, 2020 *Closed on Tuesdays
9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Admission until 4:30 p.m.)

Venue: Uda-no-Kogei-kan, 2nd floor gallery
Admission: Adults 200 yen, Free for high school students and younger
      There is a discount for groups of 15 or more people.

Ise Katagami, used for stencil dyeing, is said to have originated around the 8th century.
It is made by laminating washi together using persimmon tannin and carving fine patterns on them with an engraving knife, and then hardening them with lacquer.
“Ise Katagami Preservation Society” appointed as an Important Intangible Cultural Property Association and has been working to preserve the technique.
Since last year, we made washi for Ise Katagami on a trial basis in Echizen.

Support: Ise Katagami Preservation Society