Bridal Fashion Designer

Yumi Katsura

"Echizen washi is beyond the existing washi"

Yumi Katsura, a dress designer internationally renowned for bridal costumes, loves Echizen washi.
In July 2002, she has first released novel bridal costumes used Echizen washi at Haute Couture Collection in Rome. Soon after her works is worthy of big note from the fashion world with The Paris Collection in 2003.
She said, "When I tried to join haute couture collection, I decided to design dresses that could only I as Japanese can do. One of them is designing with washi. It needed not only a traditional washi but a creative washi. I had searched all over Japan and I found Mr. Kazuya Osada. He is my comrade. We completed “Washi beyond the existing washi” after repeated trial and error.
The works using it had been popular and named “WASHI-MODE” from the mass media in Paris. Especially a work in a monotone I released in 2004 evaluated an artistic dress. It has owned at The Metropolitan Museum of Art."