Obata Seishisho

  • Machine-made

23-22,Otaki,Echizen City
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A new type of washi that no one has ever made before

Since our company was founded in the Taisho era, we have developed a high level of quality control and technology based on our numerous papermaking achievements.
We are making watermarked diplomas, which have been adopted by national, public and private universities across the country. We have been making washi with watermarked or holographic corporate logos in order to prevent counterfeiting. The hologram process is a technology that only three companies in Japan are able to use.
Using these techniques, we propose greeting cards with watermarked or add ribbons.
We also have experience making paper with various objects such as bananas, wood chips, and lawn.
Utilizing these technology and experience, in recent years, we have developed a new papermaking technology for managing confidential documents. It makes paper contain IC tag, we were the first in the world to develop and obtain a patent on this technology.
In addition, we have also collaborated with Sasao Printing and Shimizu Shikou to develop Japan's first Plaster washi which has deodorant, antibacterial, and anti-virus.
We continue to develop new, never-before-seen washi paper that utilizes the warmth of washi in order to preserve the traditional watermarking technique for future generations.

Type : Machine-made

Products : Kyoku-shi、Trinoko paper,



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Minimum lot
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Maximum thickness


Maximum width
Minimum lot
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Maximum thickness

  • Drawing
  • Caligraphy
  • Woodblock print
  • Fusuma
  • Wallpaper
  • Shoji
  • Card
  • Business card
  • Certificate
  • Labels
  • Wrapping
  • Box
  • Envelope
  • Stationery
  • Inkjet printing
  • Offset printing
  • Letterpress
  • Conservation
  • Craft
  • Special function
Washi type
  • Sukikake
  • Sukiire
  • Rakusui / Mizukiri
  • Sukikomi / Sukidashi
  • Sukashiire
  • Otoshikake
  • Nagashikomi
  • Hikkake
  • Suminagashi/Marbling
  • Sukiawase
  • Sukimoyou
  • Torinoko
  • Housho
  • Tairei
  • Colored
  • Kumohada
  • Unryu
  • Unka
  • Mixed paper
  • Kyokushi
  • Danshi
  • Calligraphy / Painting
  • Craft / Interior
  • Senka / Printing
  • Special / Functional
  • Processed paper
  • Kozo
  • Mitsumata
  • Gampi
  • Rayon
  • Manila Hemp
  • Wood pulp
  • Recycled Paper
  • Synthetic fiber
  • Asa / Hemp
  • Non-timber, The others

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