sizedpainting paper

Good for watercolor painting and Nihonga

Basic information

Handmade Machine-made
Size: 939×636㎜
Thickness: 120g/㎡
Material:Manila hemp/Wood pulp

Washi maker

Ishikawa Paper Mills., Ltd.

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11-13 Otaki-cho, Echizen-shi,
Fukui 915-0234
TEL: +81 (0)778-43-0330
FAX: +81 (0)778-42-0770
Email: Contact us via contact form on our website.

We are corporation engaged in research and development are making not only traditional washi but also functional washi.

We have been engaged in making paper since the Edo period, and in 1961, we switched to make washi by machine. We have a variety of machine made wash・・・