Jyoshin torinoko

Gampishi used to be called Torinoko/a baby bird, but now, Fusumagami is also called Torinoko.
This is an unexpensive machine made Torinoko Fusumagami.

Basic information

Size: 970㎜×2000㎜
Thickness: 0.20㎜
Material:Wood pulp

Washi maker

Taki WASHI Factory

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TEL: 0778-43-0332
FAX: 0778-42-0583
Web: takiseishi.com

We are the only company in Japan that makes "Danshi" the size of fusuma

We were founded in 1875 and are making large format Echizen Washi. , We also make various types of fusuma paper and modern washi (size example: 110cm・・・