The random flowing of Mitsumata fibers looks like marble stones.

Basic information

(Handmade)  1000×2700㎜/1560×2200㎜
(Handmade Other)Maximum width 5000㎜× Maximum Length 2500㎜
(Machine-made) 970×2000㎜/Can also be rolled
Thickness: 0.26㎜
Material:Rayon/Manila hemp/Wood pulp

Washi maker

Igarashi Seishi Co,. Ltd.

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12-14,Iwamoto,Echizen City
TEL: 0778-43-0267
FAX: 0778-43-0267
Web: wagamiya.com/index.html

Modern Washi made by traditional craftsmen

Our company was founded 100 years ago. We mainly make fusuma paper. We can make washi of various thicknesses, sizes and patterns. We have advanced t・・・